Date Ideas in Provo

Provo has been good to us. Besides the people, what I always miss most about this town is the number of fun things to do. I was brainstorming ideas (of things to do that are not campus sponsored) for my brother, and decided to share for anyone else in the area. Here are a few of my favorite Provo area dates/group activities:

Within a few minutes of campus: 

-rent tandem bikes from BYU Outdoors unlimited and go on a scavenger hunt for a picnic breakfast
-“Two Story Sundays” One person drops everything needed for a sunday (ice cream + toppings) off a balcony, while the other person tries to catch it in their bowl.
-Provo Rooftop Concert Series
-pick a theme (ex. Pirate date: pillage the DI, walk the plank off the high dive in the RB, eat dinner with your hands, and watch Pirates of the Caribbean)
-Iron Chef contest (if you have access to a well stocked kitchen) or Cupcake Wars or Gingerbread houses (if you don’t)
-Make rockets and launch them in the bowl at Rock Canyon Park. Then watch October Sky)

-Capture the Flag on campus or Rock Canyon Park
-Ultimate Frisbee (at Kiwanis, Lions Gate, or really anywhere with enough space)
-Hike Stewart Falls and make a leaf bouquet
-Hike Squaw Peak and fly a kite at the top
-(longer hike, short drive) hike Timp, Y Mountain, the Y, Bridal Veil Falls
-camp on Squaw Peak or up Rock Canyon
-rock climbing at Rock Canyon or the Quarry (there are other places to go, but these are the closest)
-bike the Provo River trail down from campus to Utah lake. Have a mud fight or build a bonfire
-Bonfires up the canyon
-Sail Utah Lake
-Sardines in the HFAC or WILK
-Try a new restaurant (Black Sheep Cafe, Communal, Provo Bakery, Maria Bonitas, India Palace, etc.)
-Rope swing/canoeing the Provo River

30 min-1 hour from campus: 

-tour Timp Cave
-Spanish Fork hot springs
-Cherry picking (or other fruit)
-Thanksgiving Point (corn maze, etc)
-Skiing (Sundance) (downhill and cross-country)
-Sundance film festival/Summer Theater
-Find a friend who has a cabin in the area
-Alpine Natural Water Slide (check to see if this is open first, I think it is going to become permanently closed)
-Festival of Colors (Spanish Fork)
-Provo Halloween Half
-Ice Skating at 7 Peaks or in Midway (outdoors and less crowded)
-7 Peaks water park
-Classic skate (dress up Sat evenings)
-laser tag (American Fork has the best arena in the area)
-Soldier Hollow tubing
-boating on Deer Creek reservoir

A few hours drive: 

-Bear World in Rexburg
-Yellowstone, Playmill
-St. Antony Sand Dunes
-St. George (mini golf + hiking)
-Grand Canyon
-Red Rock Relay
-Go to a rodeo
-explore Salt Lake City (including Temple Square)
-explore Park City (including World Cup Ski Finals)

Things I wish that I’d done/will still do this spring: 

-Float the Provo River in tubes
-Hunger Games in the new science building
-Food Truck Thursday down by the tracks
-Mona Rope swing
-Goblin Valley, the Subway
-explore the new Bean Museum
-Spiral Jetty/Salt Flats

If you have other ideas, please comment below!

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  • Rebekah

    Wow! Those are great ideas, Anne! So creative too.


      Thanks Rebekah! Let’s be honest. Most of them are Fenton’s.

  • OH man these all look so fun! Two Story Sundays sounds hilarious – I can’t believe I’ve never heard of that!


      Thanks Lindsay! Do it! But only if you’re prepared for a food fight to break out!