Toad Hall

Checkmate reminded me of a few other memories from Toad Hall that I don’t want to forget from my last few years at college.  (That isn’t the actual name of the cabin, but my uncle’s children like to tease him that it could be after the main character in Wind in the Willows).


Sledding is even more fun when you don’t have to walk back up. Spencer now has a pretty skewed idea of sledding because this is one of (if not the only) time he has gone in his life. Florida boy.

stone fireplaceIMG_1034


Exploring. Utah winters are just gorgeous. 

IMG_1892 IMG_1911


PC: Bonita. My birthday lunch. So thankful to have family even when when my immediate family is across the country.


Click on the picture to read Fenton’s background story on the yurt’s theme.


Spencer helped Fenton laser cut the sign when we first began dating.


Once upon a time nine ducks were released into the pond. They had never swum before and the grandchildren were thrilled to watch their first steps into the water. Two of the ducks walked straight into the water, swam straight across the pond, climbed out of the pond, and walked straight into the forest never to be seen again. As of this writing, the other seven ducks enjoy their life on the pond. The end.


I don’t remember what Jane was making, but I’m sure it was delicious. Spencer thinks maybe this was the time she candied bacon. Like I said, delicious.


Click on the picture to read Krista’s version of the James Bond group date night.

anneandspencer honey-lime enchiladas

Honey-Lime enchiladas. Thank you Annie!



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  • Emily

    Great snapshots! And honey lime enchiladas are a favorite around here! So so good!