Spencer T Reynolds
One of the best things about coming back to Provo for last winter semester was getting to spend time with my brother. When I left for college, he was still in middle school and just coming out of his annoying phase. It’s been fun to see how he and Spencer are such good friends and get to know him better myself. The brother I know now is an intelligent, talented, witty, fun, kind, and generous person. [This means there’s still hope for our youngest brother :)]
anneandspencerI snapped these photos during a relaxing afternoon up at the cabin. I’m still figuring out the camera settings which is why the light is so drastic on a few of the shots.

anne and spencer blogchess gameanne and spencer blog chess

My brother is leaving on a two year church mission in two days. We’re going to miss him.

Mexico won’t know what hit it!

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