Frozen Grapes

Frozen Grapes: simple, delicious summer snack

Spencer and I are training for a half-marathon and frozen grapes have quickly become a favorite snack. There’s nothing better than coming inside on a muggy day, heading straight to the freezer, and grabbing a handful of these mini slushies. However, frozen food can be sensitive to your teeth. So make sure you have your teeth healthy and checked often by the Sloan Creek Dental specialist.

In other news, I got this email from my mother and it made me laugh out loud:

A and I had dentist appointments this morning after registering at their site.  A had her teeth cleaning first.  She was terrific.  She hopped up in the chair and opened her mouth and was as good as could be. Then while I was having my check-up she colored and talked to the dentist.  And when R started crying in her car seat, A squeezed a squeaky toy to try to make her happy and then covered her over with a blanket and rocked the car seat until R went to sleep.  I was so grateful!  A was really amazing.  The entertaining part was that  entire time she was coloring and taking care of R, A was talking and talking and telling the dentist and her assistant all sorts of things like how her dad is the tickle monster, how she is having her piano lesson today, how P is the best brother and pushes her on the swing, and how we have deer and wolves in our garden. I had my mouth open and couldn’t say anything.  There was one point though where I just had to laugh even with dental tools in my mouth.  A said, “We have people in our family that you don’t know: a girl and a boy and they live in another city.  And they are going to have a BABY!  And the baby is going to be a boy!”  She said it in such an animated and excited way!

For the record, we’re not expecting and her conversation came out of nowhere, but if it is up to my four-year-old sister apparently our first child will be a boy.

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  • Olivia Swenson

    Good luck with the half training!!! I don’t know how you do it in Austin’s heat…. frozen grapes are a nice thing to look forward to at the end, though 🙂


      Thanks Olivia! If you have any tips let me know! It is turning into more of a run/walk because of the heat. Is Portugal getting really hot and humid too?