These pictures were taken right after we were married and came out of the Temple. We kept the group relatively small–some extended family and my roommates. Big thank you to everyone who waited outside and graciously took these pictures in the pouring rain!

everyone Anyone who knows us well knows that both Spencer and I are quite proud of the heritage on both sides of our families. Our immediate and extended families have greatly influenced who we are today. One of the best parts about marrying into Spencer’s family is his grandparents (and really I just know them best because they lived the closest). Whenever school life became chaotic last winter semester, Spencer and I would spend a quiet evening with his grandparents, swapping crazy travel stories. Spencer’s Grandma is the cute lady in the wheel chair to the left of the group. She lived in the Philippines as a child and her family was captured by the Japanese during World War II. You can read about her inspirational story here:                                                                             Terry: The Inspiring Story of a Little Girl’s Survival as a POW During WWII.

spencer's immidiate my famPhoto cred: Jordan Zobrist Photography 

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  • Emily Ryan

    Anne! I love all your posts! Also, I love your outfit! That skirt is super cute and you look super pretty 🙂

  • Emily Ryan

    oops….I meant to do that on the post above this one. But you also look very pretty in these pictures as well 🙂