Red River Gorge

When we found out that we live two hours away from some of the best trad and sport climbing east of the Mississippi, we jumped at the chance to visit during our second week here.


Spencer’s first ever outdoor climb


anne climbing

From the ground we were deceived by all the pockets that look like great holds–they’re all slanted down.

Bryce climbing

Spencer’s coworker, Bryce, did all the lead climbing for us.

Bryce was such a good sport to come with us. Spencer and I both quickly realized that we’re quite out of shape. After climbing all day, we ended our adventure with a hike in the Kentucky jungle to a beautiful arch. On our drive home we saw a sign to Louisville. It’s weird to think that we were 40 minutes from where Sage has served most of her mission, but we won’t see her until this Christmas. She serves in a beautiful area!

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