Spencer vs. the Serval

My cousin and her family heard how incredible the Cincinnati Zoo is, so they came to visit.                            All photo credit goes to: The Math Super Hero.


First stop: Insect World. Because that’s what happens when your dad is an entomologist. Incidentally, bugs become rather fascinating with the right person.


Surprisingly engaging, the zookeepers put on many shows including the cheetah run. Meet Sarah, the world’s fastest clocked land animal.

Here is her National Geographic video.

Better yet, here is a picture that my cousin took:

cheetahWe were early enough to the cheetah pre-show for the Zookeepers to entertain the crowd by pitting Spencer against a serval. Much to the zookeepers’ chagrin, Spencer jumped higher than the cat. I wish that I’d gotten a video. This picture of the jumping cat will have to do.

servalJust kidding. Spencer didn’t win, but the stakes were rigged a little. Okay maybe a lot. 

How cute are these boys?

Luckily, the little ones live close enough that they’ll be back soon. After a weekend of games, cooking lessons, swimming, and exploring, we can’t wait!

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