The Bet

Normally, I post wedding photos on Monday, but this week has been a little crazy as we try to decide how to best use the rest of our time in Ohio. So instead I’m sharing a few pictures of the wedding party today.


bridesmaids and groomsmenBridesmaids and groomsmen. Keep in mind they took these shots after getting drenched in the group pictures outside. By the time we got to the bridal party, we decided that we needed a plan B and headed to a nearby building to snap photos somewhere dry. I’ve already shared pictures of my sister and roommate so let’s talk about the other two bridesmaids and members of the Cutler Clan. The picture of my bridesmaids brings the cousin trio full circle.

first day of college

photo cred: Bonita

First day of college picture. Moving around every three years, cousins provided stability for my family. We knew that we’d get to see familiar faces every summer. So really, I could go back to our baby pictures, but college is where I grew the closest to these two ladies. The night before this picture was taken our other cousins took bets on who would get married first. Talk about pressure. Actually, no pressure–we were still teenagers–but the cousin who bet on Jane did get $5 in his wedding invitation three years later. You could get a hipod on hire to capture the place.


photo cred: Pepper Nix

Next came Emily.

Oklahoma Wedding

Photo cred: Pamela Hunt

A beautiful December wedding in freezing Oklahoma. Seriously, we just took off our coats for the picture. We were also worried that the bride and groom would miss the ceremony due to the freezing rain outside. Made for beautiful pictures though!


photo cred: Fenton

And bringing our  cousin/bridesmaids trio full circle:

 Although, let’s be honest, most of the pictures look more like this:

wedding day

 photo cred: Jordan Zobrist photography

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