Wedding Grouch

Can you guess which of my siblings was NOT happy with waiting at the wedding?

photo cred: Fenton rsz_dsc_0457

rsz_dsc_0463 rsz_dsc_0429 rsz_dsc_0453rsz_1dsc_0452That’s right. The youngest realized that she’d missed out on more fun. With graduation ceremonies and pre-wedding festivities, she’d spent (what she considered to be) an unreasonable amount of time away from my parents.

Wednesday evening, as my aunt drove her home on University Ave (a 45 mph road in Provo) the youngest decided to unbuckle herself, climb out of her car seat, and swing the car door open. She has no fear. Luckily, she was apprehended before she actually jumped out of the moving car. Luckily, after a good nap she didn’t seem to remember the escapade. Luckily, one of the few things about the wedding that she does remember is that she wore a pink princess dress.

My sister wasn’t the only little diva of the day, I’m excited to see the pictures that we took with Spencer’s nieces. They’re sure to be quite entertaining.

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