Gulf Air Salty Hair

sunset at the beach

When we told my mother that we’d be coming home for Christmas, and offered to come early to help with the new baby, she replied: “Yes, but can you actually just take everyone and leave?”. Hah thanks Mom, love you too:) Turns out, she’d found some cabins on an Air Force base in Florida that she thought would be fun for the kids and would give her a few days to recover from labour. After we looked up the cabins that she was talking about, we realized that they were 45 minutes from Spencer’s parents’ home, so (after talking to his parents) we suggested that we just go to his hometown instead. And that is how we found ourselves on the Gulf Coast of Florida on December 26th, so we can spend some great time on the beach, so we took our amazon beach towel and toys for the kids and we spent all the day on the beach having fun. 

summer dresses

florida beach at sunsetupside of florida

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