Spencer’s Graduation



Spencer’s whole family came out to support. Annie wins the most dedicated driver award: At ~6 months pregnant, she drove the 12 hours out to Utah by herself and three small children (one of whom had the flu the day before), and only stopped once during the entire drive.


Every adult in this picture is now a BYU grad.

anne and spencer reynoldsThere are some darling shots of the other families and all the grandchildren, but I’ll let them share those on their blogs, so you’re stuck with us. Special thanks to Jordan for taking these pictures. Not only is she talented, but she is FAST. She took this shoot for me in under 15 min, and family pictures seemed about as quick.

Spencer Thomas ReynoldsIf I look a little pale in this shot, it is because I threw up about 10 min later. That experience made me so grateful to normally be healthy! I missed Spencer’s graduation, but Emily kindly documented the rest of the day:

Congrats Spencer! Now for some new adventures…

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  • Emily

    Annie and I were just commenting on how beautiful you look in every picture. No one would ever know how sick you felt!

    • anneandspencer.com

      Thanks Emily! That is nice of you to say!

  • Allison Kimball

    I agree with Emily, you are so lovely. Sorry you are sick (hopefully you feel better now). Congratulations Spencer!

    • anneandspencer.com

      Thanks Allison!