April Showers Bring May Flowers

bridal shower invitationGoing through these photos from a few weeks ago makes me so excited for the wedding next month! Thanks to Alicia for most of the photos and for letting us invade her beautiful home!


All the lovely ladies–mostly roommates, family, and old friends. Basically a roommate reunion.

bridal shower food

My favorite photo from their engagement shoot. It just captures their personalities so well.


“K” for Krista

Krista and Kyle

She loves peanut butter (hence the little bowls) and only eats M&Ms if there are two of the same color.

april showers bring may flowers

Emily did a lovely job arranging the books and boots around the room. (Books = hint at the PhD and Pride & Prejudice. Boots = April showers).

bridal shower decorationsbridal shower gamesMy favorite part of the evening: Krista had to guess how her fiancé would answer certain questions. Haley filmed his responses ahead of time and they were hilarious. Krista’s sister-in-law had the brilliant idea of adding “chubby bunny” into the game–a little dangerous considering how hard we all laughed.

bridalbridal shower flowersAmy and Alicia KristaThanks to everyone who drove out and helped make this a lovely evening! See you in May.

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