Birthday Bash

birthday pool partybirthday bash

anne and spencer

Spencer is becoming quite the grill master. The last couple Sunday dinners he’s practiced with ribs and salmon. Now onto hamburgers…

pool party

My cousin’s family is visiting on their move from Thailand to Singapore. The little girls loved getting to know each other and both definitely love the pool.

pool and bbq

The adults also love the pool.

anne and spencer pool partyPlay at your own risk, because if you have the ball you will probably get dunked.

anne and spencer pool bbqI still have mono, so I sat this game out. Nope, I am not pregnant, although I would be extremely rich if I had a penny for everyone who has asked.

IMG_2234 (1)I have so many memories in this pool–from learning to swim and racing on boogie boards as a kid to basketball games and movie nights in college. It’s weird to think that this was probably the last time we’ll be there for a few years.

anne and spencer poolUtah, we’re going to miss you. Most of all, we’re going to miss being close to family.


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  • Rebekah

    That looks so fun! It makes me wish that I still lived in Provo. Happy birthday to Hanna and Hannah!

  • This looks like such fun family time! Hanging out my the pool and having a barbecue is my favourite way to spend an afternoon 🙂

    Shannon xx |