Bear Cabin


photo cred: Mrs. S

Our delightful hostess posted this picture on Facebook yesterday and it reminded me that I hadn’t finished going through pictures of the road trip where we snapped these shots diving for the disc.
The rest of the adventure after the jump: 

feeding a chip munk

Chippy is so well trained.


She probably won’t like this picture, but I do. Mrs. S is an amazing photographer.

beaver splash

Birding (mainly Loons) and beaver stalking. This is what the splash of a beaver’s tale looks like right before it dives underwater.

creative shelf desig                    I wish we’d captured more details of the beautiful cabin. This shelf is half of an old kayak from the neighbors. The neighboring cabin has the twin shelf made from the kayak’s other half. One of my favorite memories from the trip is everyone sitting cozily in the festive kitchen the first night, sipping hot chocolate, and listening to theories as to why the Malaysian air crew crashed (they probably slowly lost oxygen).

kayakingsunset on the lakeGotta love Skyler’s face in this:) The second night we boated out to a concert on the lake. The audience was in boats and the singers stood out on a deck. My Canadian friends came in the motor boat with us, and Nick and Skyler took the canoe. The canoe may or may not have tipped–much to the chagrin of someone’s iPhone.
boating on a lake boating

lookouthikeIf you ever head up to the Adirondacks, ask me about where to get maple syrup. I’d told Spencer that we had to come back with real maple syrup (we just haven’t found anything amazing in Ohio), but our hosts beat us to it and surprised us with these cute cans.

maple syrupThere is a little storehouse near where our hosts live that works on the honor system with customers just leaving money for as many maple syrup cans as they take. Small town perks!

lake houseThanks again for the wonderful weekend! We’re counting down the days until we see our hosts again for Thanksgiving (in a completely different, but equally beautiful setting)!

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  • Mel

    Beatiful photos! Have a wonerful weekend!


      Thanks! You too!

  • This place looks so amazing!


      Thanks Laura! It is beautiful!

  • Dressed with soul

    I read already so many books about this region, thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures here! Looks like you had a wonderful time and you and your husband are obviously are so happy together <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena


      Thanks Rena! You should visit, it really is beautiful!

  • Beautiful!! Looks magical


    College Cheese


      Thanks Wendy!

  • Random semi-related note: My school has what we call The Honor Code, which is really awesome, because they trust us students to do what is morally responsible. This means we’re allowed to self-schedule our own exams to be taken anytime and anywhere! Btw, love that kayak shelf 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s


      That sounds ideal for tests! Then you can really study until you’re ready. Can you really take the test whenever, or do you have to schedule each test within a certain time period (a week)?


    Thanks Paola!