Destin Harbor


Photo cred: Aunt Janet

boats in harbor

Before heading to Spectre Island, we cruised around Destin Harbor admiring the boats and wildlife.

heron standing

This heron determinedly ignored us. A few minutes later we ran across another heron gulping down a fish. We watched it slowly fit the fish in its mouth, and for a few seconds I thought the bird was going to choke. Then we watched the lump of the fish travel slowly down the whole length of the heron’s neck and disappear.

heron walking

We always try to see how close we can get in the boat before the birds decide they’re done. This one clearly wanted nothing to do with us.


This pelican kept eyeing us and trying to decide whether or not we were worth the effort of moving. I love how his little webbed feet are gripping the railing.

on a boat

The cute crew.


10 years from now, this is what Spencer wants his life to look like. Well, mostly just the corgi part.

chasing dolphins

Spotted! Every time we’ve been on the boat we’ve seen dolphins.


These two played with a boat for a few minutes before speeding up and disappearing.

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  • Emily Ryan

    I love all your pictures! You guys seriously have some great shots 🙂 Loving all these posts!


      Thanks Emily. You’re manatee videos are definitely the coolest thus far though!