Spectre Island

birthday letter

This letter pretty much sums up how my whole family feels and the pecking order in my family. Spencer’s dad blew B’s mind when he took us to get (hot now) donuts. She talked about it for weeks afterward. Spencer’s dad also took a day off of work to go boating with my siblings even though he was saving up leave so that he could visit family in California. He let everyone, even B, drive the boat which she absolutely loved.

_MG_0977 _MG_0956


After cruising around on the boat, we spent the majority of the day on Spectre Island. A few fun memories from the island below.

sand fortress

Sand Castle competition. The turtle definitely won even if a few family members will dispute that.

IMG_1002 IMG_0998

Florida Island

Racing like crabs


crab hunting

Hunting for crabs. The boys finally caught a little one that had major Napoleonic complex. He clicked and waved his claws menacingly as he slowly backed back into the water.

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