Ironman Training 101: 19 Weeks To Race Ready

Now that Spencer is officially signed up for the race, I thought it would be fun to document our weekly progress and five things we learned from the week’s training.

Week 6 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Spencer Swim 45 mins,  Bike 45 min, Run 18 min Weight lifting and 35 minute stationary bike Ultimate Frisbee 2 hrs Bike 40 min (Interval workout 6 x 2 min Hard with 1 min rest between) Swim Drills 2 mi swim(1.2 hrs), 47 mile bike(19 mph avg)
Anne Swim 45 min, Bike 45 min, Run 18 min 30 stationary bike Rest Bike 40 min (Interval workout 6 x 2 min Hard with 1 min rest between) Swim Drills 1 hour swim, 18 mile bike ride, 2 mile run/walk

Spencer T Reynolds

5 Triathlon Training Tips:

1. Clipping out of your bike takes practice. There’s nothing worse than coming to a stop and realizing that your feet are still clipped in as you slowly fall to the pavement. I’m still sporting some lovely scratches and bruises on my hands and elbows to prove it.

2. “Triathlon training Spencer” is much happier than “GMAT prep Spencer.” And frankly so is his wife. Something about being outside and feeling healthy…

3. Old baggy shirts don’t work when seriously biking. Going downhill at 30 mph causes some serious billowing.

4. Bike shorts are an absolute must. Even for stationary bikes. Your bottom will thank you.

5. Burn Relief Hydrogel Pads are the best way to deal with blisters. Seriously, they are so much better than moleskin. Just cut off a square and place it on the blister or hot-spot. Then cover the pad with a band-aid to keep it on your foot. Store the pads in the fridge to get a chilled effect, or just keep them with your normal band-aids.


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  • Emily

    I am so impressed with YOUR workout. You go girl!


      Thanks Emily! I’ve come a long way since you guys visited in April:)