Wedding Cake

By the time we needed to decide on a wedding cake, our wedding planning was in full swing and I realized that:
1) Spencer cared a lot more about cake than I did
2) Our cake preferences are pretty different
While reserving the right to veto, I ended up letting him choose the cake.


We looked through different bakeries and many Pinterest boards, but couldn’t find what Spencer had in mind, or something that tasted as delicious as he was expecting. Nothing tasted as good as we were expecting because we were completely spoiled by my cousin Jane’s desserts. Wait, we were spoiled by Jane’s desserts–why didn’t we just ask Jane to bake the cake?
Done. Best choice of the wedding.cakethree

Spencer’s favorite part besides the chocolate and berries? Jane shared the recipe and her decorating secrets so we can eat fresh berries and cake for our anniversary. No freezer burn for us. caketwo

We don’t have any pictures of cutting the cake, but I got Spencer pretty good:) For months, Spencer teased me that he was going to shove cake in my mouth when we cut the cake. I convinced him that this would be a bad idea because I was wearing a white wedding dress and the chocolate would stain. He believed me, and offered the most polite bite ever after cutting the first piece of the cake. I wasn’t so kind when I returned the favor. I also paid for that by getting chocolate all down my dress, but that’s what dry cleaning is for:)

Thanks to Jordan Zobrist Photography for the pictures, and Jane for the cake!

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  • Delicious cake… Lovely pics!!!

    Ciao bellissima!!!

    • Thanks Paola:)

  • Oh my word that cake looks amazing. Lucky you to know someone so talented!

    Also good call on the cake fight. Great memories are more important than chocolate stains!

    A Nesting Nomad

    • Thanks Rachel, I agree that great memories are the most important!

  • It takes a loving and care-free wife to let her hubs choose the cake. But now that you have, I’m definitely inspired! It looks beautiful and seems like it tastes even better! I’m so glad that that part of your wedding went off without a hitch! XOXO

    • Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment Tiana. I am REALLY happy with the way it turned out!

  • I’d want chocolate frosting, too! yum!

    • Me too Sienna! Don’t the pictures just make you crave chocolate?

  • Mmmm the cake looks so good! My favorite kind of cake is ice-cream cake, preferably chocolate chip cookie dough, although it probably wouldn’t suit a wedding event 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Audrey, ice-cream cake sounds so good right now! There’s nothing better than ice cream on a hot summer’s day. You’re right though, it would probably be tricky to pull off not melting the cake at a wedding.

  • I love this idea with the berries so you don’t have to store something in the freezer for years- this is SO sweet!

    • Thanks Lindsay, me too! It is delicious!