Sometimes I Wonder if my Husband Goes to Work

Spencer assures me that he works hard. He comes home tired and full of stories of new projects or how designers work with surgeons testing surgical tools on pigs. But sometimes, when he sends me sketches like these:S.T.ReynoldssSketchor these:S.T.ReynoldsSketchI wonder. Or at least I wonder what he is actually designing.STReynolds Sketches

Especially when he tells me that he spent the day at a work retreat golfing or the afternoon in a water balloon fight. One thing is for sure–J&J is far too much fun! Speaking of water balloons, filling them up just got easier. Check out this sweet Kickstarter. The project is over now, but why has it taken so long to invent this?

[Editor’s note] These sketches actually come from “sketch Fridays” — two hours at the end of the week that the Co-ops and contractors work on their sketching skills by drawing whatever they want.

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