Krista’s Wedding

Remember the pictures from Krista’s bridal shower? Less than a week after Spencer and I drove out to Ohio for P&G, I flew back to Utah for Krista’s wedding.

chrisbunker photography 1

Krista and Kyle were married in the Bountiful, Utah temple. We don’t take pictures inside the temple or during the wedding ceremony, but if you’re curious about what the inside of a temple looks like here are some good pictures and explanations. Also, here are pictures taken before the Payson Temple was dedicated this past June.

A few moments of my favorite moments from the day:

The sealing room was really crowded, so I got to sit right next to Krista’s mother. Right after the sealer finished the wedding ceremony, Kyle’s grandma loudly exclaimed “I’ve always wanted a Joy in the family and now I have one”. (Krista’s middle name is Joy). Kyle’s grandmother has since passed away, so it was extra special that she was able to be there for the wedding.

chrisbunker photography temple

The bride and groom just beaming.

chrisbunker photogrchrisbunker photography 2

chrisbunker group

The other girls in this photo flew in from Chicago, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, (and Provo). They’re all old roommates which made for a very fun luncheon. Kate and her husband just finished two years of Teach for America and she has some crazy stories.

chris bunker photography

Little details made both the luncheon and reception special. Krista’s mother made the cake, and a friend did the flowers. These pictures don’t do them justice, but Krista had the most beautiful wedding flowers I have ever seen. I think I was even more impressed because the night before I watched the friend carefully arrange her masterpieces.

chris bunker photography chrisbunker photography

Screenshot 2015-08-08 at 10.40.32

The children were thrilled about sending the couple off with bubbles. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

Photo cred goes to: Chris Bunker Photography


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